What is Arionum?

Arionum is a new cryptocurrency built from scratch in PHP, mineable only with CPU and made to be democractically spread amongst the users. It aims to replace the traditional electronic payment options with a faster, cheaper and better secured system.

CPU Only

Arionum uses a combination of argon2i and sha512 hashing algoritms which make it resistant against GPU mining

4 min Block Time

On average, each block is generated every 4 minutes and the recommended block confirmation number is 5.

No Premine

The coin has been announced and released on bitcointalk without any previous mining.

PHP Coded

Arionum was built from scratch in PHP, a programming language with a huge developer base.


The mining reward starts at 1000 ARO and decreases every 1 month by 10 ARO.

Open Source

All the code has been publicly released as open source under the MIT license since the begining.

Do you want to try?

A democratic coin

Mineable over 8 years

Arionum has been developed to be spread democratically during the entire initial mining period, as each block's reward is getting reduced just by 10 ARO per month.


Written from scratch

Arionum has been completely written from scratch so that it has no dependency on other cryptocurrencies and does not share any of their vulnerabilities. It was written in PHP, a highly popular programming languages which allows a huge number of developers to understand and improve it.

Low transaction fees

We have designed Arionum to be one of the cheapest electronic payment methods. The transaction fees are fixed at 0.25% with a minimum of 0.0000001 making it the cheapest form of sending and receiving funds online.



No Pre-Mine

Arionum has been publicly launched on January, 08, 2018 at 04:17 GMT. The announcement has been done on the bitcointalk.com forums and the mining has been started after the announcement, with the exception of the first 3 blocks which are used for the genesis.